Lake Ozark Fishing Guide Service wants to welcome you and your family to Lake of the Ozarks, also know as Fun Lake. Lake Ozark Fishing Guide is a full time, year round guide service and a U.S. Coast Guard license guide. Lake of the Ozarks is known for great bass and crappie fishing.  It offers some of the best family fun for everyone, including golfing, shopping, dining and state parks – but fishing is what we do best!  Look at our Contact/Resorts page to find the best places to stay. They can fit into any budget for any family, company trip or reunion. We are the pro staff guide for Holiday Shores Resort, Port Arrowhead Resort, and others.

Lake Ozark Fishing Guide can offer you a fun day of fishing on the Lake of the Ozarks or Osage River.  We fish where the fishing is best, that may be on the lake in the fall, winter and spring from the dam to Lake Ozark, Osage Beach, or Camdenton, Missouri.  The lake has Black Bass, Kentucky Bass, Crappie, and Catfish.  We also fish on the Osage River year round as it has good fishing as well.  The river has a good top water bite in the early spring and summer and we can get away from all the big boats.  If you’re looking for all this and more, like Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Spoonbill fishing, then the Osage River is the place to go and we can guide you to the best spots. While enjoying our services, don’t forget to take advantage of the spectacular sites along the way, such as eagles and many other wildlife that you’ll see.

Our fishing guide service is known to provide professional guided fishing trips. With years of tournament fishing I can show you the new techniques, baits and tackle to give you the best trip on the lake or river. I was the first guide to start guiding on the Osage River and have even had a Jet boat built to run specifically in the shallow water. This boat is 21′ long and has a 250 HP motor to get us down the river and back. I also have a 19′-6″ bass boat with a 200 HP Yamaha motor for the lake; this boat can give us a nice ride on the lake. I have fished most all the lakes and rivers in Missouri at one time or another. Lake of the Ozarks is one of the best lakes in the state to fish. Fishing is for everyone – young, old, boys, girls, skilled or unskilled – the fish don’t care. It is always fun to see a young person catch their first fish or an older person catch fish that brings back their younger years.

What to bring

Lake Ozark River Fishing Guide is a USCG Licensed and Insured Fishing Guide. We provide all the equipment needed for the trip. All you need is your fishing permit (you can go online to Missouri Department of Conservation website here – or purchase them at most bait shops in the area, or Walmart) , appropriate clothing, food and drinks.

Fishing Trips
Lake Ozark Fishing Guide has a lot to offer you in a fishing trip. We fish year round on Lake of the Ozarks and the Osage River. We also fish the Gasconade River and Big Piney River by request. We like to catch fish and want you to catch them as well – so we fish where the bite is best! We fish for Black Bass, Kentucky Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Walleye, White Bass, Catfish, and Spoonbill, when in season. We now offer Bowfishing!

Lake of the Ozarks is one of the best in the nation for many breeds of fishing. You can find Walleye and Smallmouth Bass in the lake on occasion. Great fishing can be found a the lake – you just need to know how and where to fish. If you’re looking for a big bass, winter/spring are the best times, but not the only time to catch them. Some fish are seasonal like the white bass in the spring/fall, walleye late winter, spring and fall are the best. Crappie bite year round; you can usually catch some nice sized crappie in the winter with nice limits in April, May and then again in the fall. Some of the best trips ever, were during the early spring with a snow.

The Osage River is a great place to fish year round and will surprise you on how big the Black Bass and the number of Kentucky Bass are in the river. Some nice Crappie, Walleye, White Bass, Catfish and Spoonbill come from the river too. To fish the Osage RIver, you need a jet boat that can run the shallow waters and know how to run the jettys and shoals. Some parts of the river are better than others at times and knowing that will put more fish in the boat. Spoonbill fishing is from March 15 to April 30. Walleye are best late in the winter, white bass early spring and fall. Again, don’t let the weather stop you from taking a fun trip on the river. In January the eagles show up and stay until mid summer, so a trip to take pictrues of the eagles and other wildlife makes for a fun family trip.

Gasconade and Big Piney River are well kept secrets for Smallmouth Bass. The Gasconade River is a smaller river but has a trophy area for Smallmouth Bass. A jet boat is a must to run the shallow water and knowing how to read the channels to run. We know what time is best, where and how to catch the Smallies. We take trophy trips only for Smallies and don’t kep any but we can measure them and take pictures of them to have mounts made. Book a trip on the Gasconade or Big Piney for this winter!

Night Fishing is a lot of fun in the summer and you can beat the heat too… you can catch nice Bass and Crappie at this time. We take four and six hour trips only. Fishing at night, under the boat lights can be fast action with limits for a fish fry of Bass or Crappie. Bow Fishing is a fun and upcoming sport in Missouri. This is a way to keep in shape for bowhunting getting lots of shooting experience to test your skills. This is an early morning or night trip for four or six hour trips. We have bows and arrows but you can also bring your own if you have them. Lost bows or arrows will be charged to you if you drop a bow in the water or lose an arrow – this can happen sometimes. We take up to three people at a time so get a friend and test your bow fishing skills.

Eagle Watching!
If Photography or a Scenic Adventure is what you want, we have special guided trips that will take you down river to look for eagles and other wildlife. At times there are lots of eagles and other wildlife to see. With October being the best time of the fall season to enjoy the leaves changing colors, book a scenic tour and enjoy the beautiful Ozark hills and great fishing. The river will not have the big boats and waves to deal with and is much more peaceful to be on in the summer. Call to Book your Scenic Adventure!