Lake Ozark Fishing Guide Service


Lake Ozarks is at 659.4 and full of boats. Bass are biting good in fifteen feet of water crappie are good around docks ten to fifteen ft deep. Go early as the bite is best then.
Osage River has theee to four feet of water on Saturday but I look for them to run water on Monday because of the rain around the lake. Good bass are a little hard to come by but tennto fourteen inch one are good. Crappie are a slow. Here are a few of the fish we had Friday and Saturday.

5-18-2018 fishing report

Lake Ozark is doing great right now. Fishing is good from one end to the other. Bass and crappie are just about done spawning and are feeding. The bass are about to move out to main lake but are shallow right now. Crappie are moving to but are still around deeper docks.


Pictures of just a few trips.

5-2-2018. Fishing Report

This spring has been fast and has had some strange weather. But with that said the crappie fishing has been great. Yes we’ve had some slow to bad days but that happens still over all we’ve had done great fishing.
Right now the crappie are on fire with late afternoon being the beat fishing.

The lake over all is good, water is clear in most creeks, water temps are on the rise and the spawn is going on now so get to a lake and catch some fish.

Fishing report 4-13-2018

The weather changed again and that makes it hard to stay on a pattern. But we managed to catch some nice crappie but by eleven they slowed down. The weather is going to level off so it’s got to get better. On Friday we fished a crappie tournament and finished in ninth place.

8 – 25 – 2017

I did some scouting today or bass. Water is stained up the river and they are running lots of water. We only had two keepers one nice one around four lbs the other fish where short of 15".
Lower end by Dam is clear with lot of current some fish on points and some mid way back in coves. 15 to 20 feet deep. I didn’t get to fish mid lake today but I think points will work there too.
Osage River is about fifteen feet high. Crappie are a good beat with a few bass by the dam. The weather is great and water is cooling down. This should help fishing all around so don’t wait to go.


Lake of The Ozarks if going into the fall patterns with the main channel by the dam has lots of water running and current so the lower end is good. Up the river is cooling down and has current so the bite should be good there. The mid lake is a question for me as I have not fished it in a few weeks but points and just inside the coves was a good bite a few weeks ago so I think it will have a good bite there too. Shad are on the move all over the lake.

Osage river is up and down so the bite maybe hard to pinpoint every day. Just fish hard banks and you should be ok. Top water will be good once they get lake water down on Trueman lake and the river gets lower and stay that way,

The lake temp is in the low 80’s and clear for the most part. I’d throw top water early and then fish the windy banks.


Rain over the weekend has made them run lots of water. They open the gates Sunday night and closed them Monday morning but keep the river high. The lake came up over two feet to over 660. The cooler water has the fish more active and in shallowewater to. Fishing is still good and it will get better. Here aresome of the fish we had last week fishing the river.


The Osage River is starting to get right. The water is clear and cooling some. They are running some water but not as much as they was. Fishing is open to about what every you like to use. Number of fish are there but some days the big ones are a little harder to come by.
Lake Ozarks is also cooling from 88 to 84. The bass have moved up some and into the coves a little. Crappie are still on main lake for me in around twenty feet deep. Night fishing is still the best for faster catching.

Good luck fishing. Q


Day or night fishing. On Monday night I had a four hour trip 8 to midnight. We had a five lb flathead to other bass. Client had three bass and lost two nice ones at boat. Tuesday I had a six hour trip and the fish bite till about 9 but no biggest. But the kids did catch some thanks James and Denise Dill for the help.