Lake Ozark Fishing Guide Service

Fishing report 11-26-2021

I’ve been lazy for to long on posting fishing reports. I want to be more consistent on posting.
Fall is great for fishing but most people deer hunt or stop fishing altogether.
This year has been so much fun catching fish. The young kids I’ve taken made me laugh as they catch their first fish or biggest.
Lake Ozarks is in great condition this fall. Crappie and Bass have been on fire. I’ve had sone good trips with limits of crappie.
The river is doing good on bass.

8 10 2020

Today’s trip was so fun. Andrew and Brandon put the smack down on the bass. They didn’t want it to stop but the sun got up so the fish went down.

8 4 2020

Still catching them. Only these came from the lake

8 10 2020

We’re back and fishing is great. Lake Ozarks and Osage River are going good. Osage is just right for top water so that we’re Ive been most of the time. The lake has its day too so we can’t resist catching them too.
8 1 2020

8 2. 2020

7. 28. 2020

Pictures of Colorado friends.

7 18 2020

Jenny and Jillian enjoying the Osage River Fishing. The weather was cool with a little clouds and a lite breeze. The girls got off to a good start catching fish. Jillian had a good fell for catching bass. I think she had 15 legal bass and maybe ten that got off. Just shows the bass don’t care if you’re a girl or boy.

7 16 2020.

Long day Thursday. First trip the river was low the bass were biting. Sue got on bass fast and keep landing them. Then she said let try walleye. So we changed up to walleye fishing. We landed four along with bass drum, catfish and bluegill.

Later that afternoon Mark and his girlfriend went but the river came up 7 or 8 feet. Tried to bass fish but not so good. Then a change and then things got hit. Crappie, Bass, walleye and white bass. The day ended good.

7 14 2020 Fishing Report.

Time has gotten away from me. Time on the water has been great for fishing and fun as well. Most of my trips have been on Osage River for bass.
The lake is 659.4 with mostly clear and the big fish are deep.

I’ve been catching crappie at night with minows. There not to deep but do Sean to be spotty.

Now the river has been great as I’ve been able to get a good top water bite early then changing up as the condition dictates. We’ve been able to get lots of bites and landing some nice bass.

6 30 2020 Fishing Report

This weeks trips have been fun. Here it is June 30th and most people are fishing deep but not me. Having a great time top water fishing. We’ve been on the water before day lite but it’s paid off big fir us. Here are just a few of the fish we’ve had.

6-24-2020 Fishing Report

What great weather we’re having cool mornings and evenings at Lake Of The Ozarks. This Is a good time to go fishing. Week days the big boats are not out early so you can fish main lake or the points.

They have slowed down the flow of water but were still catching fish. Water is clearing up nicely on main lake and water is in the low 80’s.
Osage River is doing good for bass but crappie are small this year. We need a ten inch length limit on the river to keep the numbers up and the size up.