Lake Ozark Fishing Guide Service

5 23 2020 Fishing Report.

First trip of the day was a good start. Got to the third spot and guys started catching fish. Throwing a Croc-O-Gator shaky head Man those shaky heads get the fish in the boat. Main lake wasn’t working so we moved in to points.

The lake is up and trash is all over be careful running. Main lake is 66% and a little stain. Running 35,000 cb feet plus.
The second trip was below the dam and it was packed. Ty and Lis got to work right off. Ty landed the first one then Lis got started with the biggest and most fish. Good job.

5 21 2020 Fishing Report

Well it’s summer the big boats are out. Be careful. We had a big boat go between us and the bank today. We were about fifty yards away from the bank as the guy got close I wave for him to go around us but he didn’t.
Fishing was fair had six keepers not real big but nice fish in all we had twenty bass.
Lake is full with main lake stained and 64%. There running a lot of water out so the Osage is around 566.

5 18 2020 Fishing Report.

Lake Ozarks is open from Covid 19. Fishing is hot now with Crappie and Bass Bri g the best bite. We’re taking trips on the lake so book a fun day of fishing.

7 24 2018 Fishing Report.

It’s been a busy summer with lots of trips a memory’s of fun fishing.
Lake Ozarks is full and warm but clear in all the arms and main channel. Lots of big boats and jet skis. You’ll need to fish just a little before dark or all night to get the most bites. Not a lot of big fish but you will catch some nice ones.
Crappie are in main channel and night time is also the best time to get a limit. Minnows are best right now.

River fishing has been real good at day light on top water. The last few days a jig, worm are shaky head has gotten the nicer bass. Be on the water by day light and fish till ten or twelve or just a few hours before dark.

6-28-2018 fishing report

Fishing on the lake has been good all of May and June. Bass are in the summer pattern about 25’ deep on points. Worms, jigs, Caroline rigs and some crank baits are working. Crappie too are in the summer patterns in 15 to 25’ deep. I’m fishing at night for crappie with minnows or shooting socks early in mornings

The river has been the most fun the last few weeks as a top water bite has been good. Rain and cloudy morning have helped. The river has been low and steady so they are not moving a lot.


Lake Ozarks is at 659.4 and full of boats. Bass are biting good in fifteen feet of water crappie are good around docks ten to fifteen ft deep. Go early as the bite is best then.
Osage River has theee to four feet of water on Saturday but I look for them to run water on Monday because of the rain around the lake. Good bass are a little hard to come by but tennto fourteen inch one are good. Crappie are a slow. Here are a few of the fish we had Friday and Saturday.

5-18-2018 fishing report

Lake Ozark is doing great right now. Fishing is good from one end to the other. Bass and crappie are just about done spawning and are feeding. The bass are about to move out to main lake but are shallow right now. Crappie are moving to but are still around deeper docks.


Pictures of just a few trips.

5-2-2018. Fishing Report

This spring has been fast and has had some strange weather. But with that said the crappie fishing has been great. Yes we’ve had some slow to bad days but that happens still over all we’ve had done great fishing.
Right now the crappie are on fire with late afternoon being the beat fishing.

The lake over all is good, water is clear in most creeks, water temps are on the rise and the spawn is going on now so get to a lake and catch some fish.

Fishing report 4-13-2018

The weather changed again and that makes it hard to stay on a pattern. But we managed to catch some nice crappie but by eleven they slowed down. The weather is going to level off so it’s got to get better. On Friday we fished a crappie tournament and finished in ninth place.