Lake Ozark Fishing Guide Service


The Osage River is starting to get right. The water is clear and cooling some. They are running some water but not as much as they was. Fishing is open to about what every you like to use. Number of fish are there but some days the big ones are a little harder to come by.
Lake Ozarks is also cooling from 88 to 84. The bass have moved up some and into the coves a little. Crappie are still on main lake for me in around twenty feet deep. Night fishing is still the best for faster catching.

Good luck fishing. Q


Day or night fishing. On Monday night I had a four hour trip 8 to midnight. We had a five lb flathead to other bass. Client had three bass and lost two nice ones at boat. Tuesday I had a six hour trip and the fish bite till about 9 but no biggest. But the kids did catch some thanks James and Denise Dill for the help.


Lake Ozarks is hot for ceappie fishing. In the last two weeks we have had over 200 crappie fishing over sixty feet of water but crappie are about twenty feet deep on minnows. Bass fishing is best at night or real early till ten o’clock. Waters warm and falling as they make electric.


It’s been some time sense I wrote a fishing report. I have been doing a lot of fishing for bass and crappie with a catfish trip and a walleye trip added in.

The last few week have been good early in the mornings till ten or so. The hot weather and warmer water are making night fishing better. Try to fish just before dark till early morning for crappie with minows in twenty foot and deeper.

Bass are deeper in thirty five foot five give or take on point with brush. Use big worms, jigs or swim bait. A crank bait will catch some now and again too. I be been fishing from the dam to toll bridge. Once it gets hot go have a cold glass of water and wait till dark.


Lake Ozark Fishing Guide Service

The last two week have been a blast on Lake Of The Ozarks. The lake is full, stained and they are running water. The fish are biting on almost every thing you want to throw, Jigs, drop shot, crank baits and some top water. As the weather heats up the early bit is best and you don’t have to fight the big boats. Crappie have moved out over deep water. Bass are moving to summer patterns so find them an you can catch a lot of them. If you want to fish late or into the night that bit should be strong as well plus you can beat the heat. Give us a call and lets go fishing.


It’s a little cool today but the fishing was good too. crank baits and plastic worm got bass to the boat. They are shallow and the water is still on the muddy side but the points and pea gravel banks have fish on them. Crappie are shallow but over deeper water. They are biting good but you have to catch five little ones to get a big one. The action is good with numbers. The tournaments are still taking twenty plus lbs for the most part to win. If you want to fish now is a good time to catch fish shallow I think they will hit about any thing but top water right now.


On the lake today fishing for crappie and its a blast. The kids had a great time catching them as the girls fight over who had the biggest, first and most. Water is muddy and the fish are shallower with the sun and wind. Bobber fishing is a fun way to let the kids fish with out hang ups only thing to watch is cross lines. I have not fished for bass but they have to be shallow and feeding. The spawn is over so they will be watching the fry for a few days.

The river is still muddy and high and the creeks are still stained. Fishing is ok but not great. We fished for four hours and only had ten bass, most of them are smallies. The big bass today was only three lbs.


The lake has got over 12" of rain in a week and is on the rise and muddy. This has slowed the creek bite down some but the lower end of the lake is still on the clear side. Crappie have moved in to the coves again and are doing good on size and numbers. Bass are still a little deeper but with a few days of sunshine and they too will move in and shallower.

The river is up and muddy as they run 50,000 cfs threw the flood gates. Guys fishing from the bank say the crappie are biting but not the big ones. Bass are still holding on the rocks but are hard to find. Once you find them they will bite.


Man what a week rains 8" on Friday and Saturday of last week. Then on Wednesday we get 4" more. The lake go’s up four feet in two days they open the flood gates on Sunday at 10:AM. On Tuesday they lake is down to under 660 and the gates close. Mow the creeks the main channel is muddy to about the six mile marker. The fish are biting never the less. I think we will have a spawn in the next two weeks. so over all you can still catch bass and crappie. Running all the water their should be a main lake bite for those fish that spawned last mouth.


Lake Ozark is 656′ and clear on main channel. The creeks are stained in the backs and 64 dregs. The lake is running water to Osage River with ten feet on it. Cal Rig is working good and the bass are making beds. I tried to fish in stained water today but only had a few fish. Look for spawning flats and watch your line as they are just stopping the bait.