The lake is low 654′ and clear, the water is in the high 40″s. The wind was a little strong today but not to bad, it even may have helped some. We fished for crappie today and it was fun to find the crappie with my hummingbird and then the guys catch them. As we got on the fish I hit my transducers on a boat dock and cut the wire on the trolling motor, that didn’t help. With no depth finder on the front of the motor it was hard to stay on the fish. As we found them I had to mark them from a spot on the bank. Crank baits, Jigs, A rig and stick baits have been working good on the lake so try to find a day and go.

I have not been on the river this year but it looks great. They are not running much water on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and most day in the week. With the lake low I don’t think they will do much so the fish should be on the banks and shallow. As warm as the lake is the river should be in the mid 40’s as well. If I can find the time or if some one wants a trip on the river I’ll get to fish it soon. Don’t forget Lake Ozark Fishing Guide Service fishes the lake of the Ozarks and Osage River.